I have forgotten who I am (excerpt)

I have forgotten who I am
this has happened before
I will have to consult my notes
recollect my age
the names of God
re-map the moles and scars
constellating the body of my son

(Jan Horner)

there, that last image. i think it’s genius. the poem goes on for a few more stanzas but these opening lines grabbed me and took me away. constellations. there is a poem by carolyn enkins, titled “about scars” (in her collection Daedalus Rising) that i just had to think of when i first read horner’s lines. the star/scar word play happens there, too, although there is is in the context of being struck by lightning, and a child’s vocabulary. anyway. i like this. someone just lent me horner’s Elizabeth Went West and i shall be reading more in it this week.


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