cats & dogs on literature (get fuzzy)

i do love it when several of my favorite things come together… in this case, it’s get fuzzy and creative writing. there are a few more that are more focused on fiction, and there are a couple that would work well for teaching composition / how (not) to make an argument, so you may want to read through past get fuzzy installments as well, but here are my favorite strips re: poetry.


the lesson here: detail is good. too much of a good thing is still bad.


so… if you had to pick a favorite, which one is more important – form or content?


ah yes. it is always good to tie your writing back to other, possibly more famous texts. nobody writes in a vacuum — except maybe that very first person who wrote something. it’s all responding back and forth in all sorts of ways. so, mark your territory in tradition. even if it stinks.


if you want more get fuzzy comics you can find them in some (many) daily papers as well as every day on

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