imagination boycott (re: the heroines)

ok. i am “boycotting” favorite’s “the heroines” – because the plot has taken a turn that for me is not what i wanted. lol. i really liked the book, the narrator, the tone, the idea and many ways it could possibly play out, but now, suddenly, the writer throws me a curveball. no, i am no fan of predictable stories, not at all, i like a good challenge or a surprise ending, but having the girl admitted to a psychiatric unit, especially as early as the 1st third of the book… what a waste of a perfectly good setting and set-up! so, for a few days now i have been ignoring the book as it lies there accusingly next to the dresser drawer. knowing myself i will eventually read the rest of it, or at least give it another chance, but right now i don’t feel like it.

there are types of stories you (i) have to be in the mood for. like, i read janet frame’s “faces in the water” and it was brilliant and interesting and emotionally intense – to a point that i will think twice before reading it again. 🙂 whereas frame’s “owls do cry” has a much better chance of being read again soon. i guess it’s also to do with the impression i have gotten, over the years, that much of what is written, in fiction and poetry, (and even worse, filmed) in regard to mental illness / mental health is… flat, counting mainly on shock value, or drawing out the same old same old stereotypes. what potential worlds of experience and expression are lost through this odd convention!


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