dotty and bill – worth the words

so… last night i started reading The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth by frances wilson. to be honest i know little about william wordsworth, and wasn’t even aware he had a sister (which shows you just how little i knew of him, considering i graduated in english lit…) somehow i could not find access to his world of hosts of daffodils. which is why i am reading this book. i hope that somehow it might help me get into his world a little, through hers.

the book explores dorothy’s relationship to her brother, and it becomes very clear from the introduction that there was an intense bond between them:

She can stand it no longer. When she looks from her window at the two men running up the avenue to tell her that the wedding is over, she throws herself down on the bed, where she lies in a trance, neither hearing no seeing. Earlier that morning the groom had entered her room and she had removed the ring, which she had been wearing all night, and handed it back to him with a blessing. He had then returned it to her finger, blessing it once more, before leaving for the church to bind himself to another. When she is told by the bride’s sister that thew newlyweds are coming, she somehow rises from her bed and finds herself flying down the stairs and out the front door, her body moving against her own volition, not stopping until she is in the arms of the groom. Together they cross the threshold of the house, where they wait to greet the bride.

i love this introductory paragraph, this unusual scene, the intensity of emotion implied here. i will probably share a few more snippets from the book as i read on, but so far, i can say i recommend this book – very readable, well-written, and as intelligent and well-researched as you’d expect from frances. (which is very.)


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