and now, for a change of pace… (LTB)

currently reading… little articles and things here and there on indo-european poetics and indonesian shadow theatre, but for bed-time reading, this is currently my fare:

and yes, i do like crispy duck. 🙂 now, why do i even add this “book” here, you might wonder. the answer is, cos i felt like it. cos every now and then, some sequential graphic storytelling, short and simple and full of stock type images and very few words, can be a real treat. i also enjoy the simpsons comics, and, on a more sophisticated level (graphic novel) i was deeply impressed with the books of magic (gaiman), while i have to admit some passages were too intense for me. so this is what i am currently reading. 🙂 it’s pretty good actually.
another book encounter i thought i would mention is “markings” by dag hammarskjold. i found it in a small, used-book store in the village, and the reason it first caught my eye was that it was misshelved. then, i recognized the name from conversations i had with a friend over the years, who is very fond of this writer. i got it for her (it’s ok, she already knows) and on the train started reading the intoduction – by w.h. auden, no less. the introduction is quite the text and i will post a quote or two later just to give you a taste. otherwise, i have not gotten much further in the book since i have a bunch of other things to do (read, study, whatever you want to call it) but i will comment more on this later. promise. 🙂

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