new year, new reading list?!

… well once i am back to regular internet access, i will take a closer look at the contemporary women writers on this list:

because while i have heard of some of them, there are just as many i’m not familiar with. regarding the ones i have come across, i was impressed with each of them, so that is a good sign that the creator of this list and i operate on similar wavelengths.

what have i read in the meantime, during the long break since my last post…
worth mentioning:

  • the epic of gilgamesh (penguin classics, a yellowing 1960s edition which does not include tablet 12, but is very readable).
  • jenny boully’s (one love affair)*
i was positively surprised with gilgamesh, to be honest, because i wasn’t at all familiar with the story. the end (as i read it, leaving out tablet 12, so that tablet 11 – gilgamesh’s return to his kingdom – is the final part) is unlike what happens in a lot of these ancient hero / god stories. i don’t want to spoil it for you, in case you decide to read it. it’s not a long manuscript, and, as i said, it’s quite readable since there are modern translations.
as for boully’s book, i love it. it just draws me in – it’s breathtaking. you should read it. 🙂
for now, happy new year to you, and happy reading…

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