eat more fruit – write more poems!

("eat more fruit and you'll stay healthy")

(“eat more fruit and you’ll stay healthy”)

what am i reading right now…

well i am reading lots of contemporary poetry online, in various poetry journals, magazines, reviews, whatever they call themselves. trying to do my homework so i can pick the right places to send my work to. fingers crossed. šŸ™‚ in any case, i thoroughly enjoy the poetry i come across in the process – not all of it, but there are some things that are just brilliant enough to make your day. for my online research i am currently using – mainly because a free one year membership came with the current edition of poet’s market, which i was going to use anyway. (very useful resource, that.)

books i am currently reading –

still playing with the sappho fragments, i.e. anne carson‘s “if not, winter” (have you read her “autobiography of red?”) and also re-reading jeanette winterson’s “oranges are not the only fruit.” i read this book a while ago – has it really been ten years?! gosh. anyway, i remember that i thought it was brilliant. but i could not remember much more about it, so that’s why i am reading it again now. also because i have some time to kill before “the morning of the poem” by james schuyler arrives on my doorstep. šŸ™‚ that one was recommended to me by a friend, and i am curious to get my hands on it.

another book i would like to dig my teeth into is “the house of leaves” by mark z. danielewski. i had it in my hands at a local bookstore here, but somehow didn’t buy it. the book itself is a patchwork of texts, with typographic details such as some words appearing in certain colours, and including images and various types of text. very interesting.

if you read or have read any of these, or any other book i mention here, i would love to hear your thoughts about it – no matter if you enjoyed it or not, if you thought it was genius or lame. afterall, there are as many readings of a book as there are readers – and more. šŸ™‚ so feel free to share.

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