ephemeral poetry? (where have all the poems gone?)

so i came across this picture in the NYPL digital gallery, and interestingly enough there is close to no information i could find on this writer:

Mrs. Naomi Anderson. Lecturer,... Digital ID: 1221517. New York Public Library

mrs naomi anderson is called a “poetess” as well as an educator and supporter of women’s rights there. so, where is her poetry? clearly there must be some, or there must have been some. how ephemeral is poetry? today, with virtually everyone having vanity publishing, desk top publishing, blogging and other private publishing right at their fingertips, what is the meaning and import of “publication” and writing anyway? clearly it has moved away from the essential record-keeping that is meant to survive long after the writing hand is gone. we have ancient manuscripts, scrolls, plates and stones inscribed with accounts and counts, – what will remain of today?

now, why am i so interested in reading naomi anderson’s writing? mainly because i cannot find it. what was her writing voice? what was her rhythm? her choice of words? her topics, her imagery?

so if you come across any, do tell. i want to see.


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