math rules! (lovelace and babbage)

ok. this is not out in print as far i know (not yet anyway) but it should be!!!

london-based canadian artist sydney padua tells the story of poet lord byron’s daughter, ada lovelace, who was raised with an intense mathematical education in an attempt to counteract the dangerous blood she no doubt inherited from her manic-depressive, most passionate father. maths as the antidote to art. if that alone is not enough to get you interested, well, as you may know lovelace is regarded as the first computer programmer –  she wrote programs for computers before there even were computers.

the machines she wrote for were developed and planned in the head and notes of charles babbage (another very smart person, check out wikipedia’s entry on his analytical engine to get a better idea of what he cooked up) but they were never built in his (or her) lifetime.

now, this is where the comic takes some artistic liberty and assumes they did build a computer in the 1800s and did get it to work and amongst other things had many adventures fighting crime together.

call me biased, but i am glad i stumbled across this site and this comic. ada lovelace to me is one of the many examples of great women in history, and i am happy to see her get some recognition, and interest being sparked in her behalf, in an intelligent, witty and entertaining sort of way. and who knows WHAT she could have accomplished had she not died at such a young age.

i love “what if” stories, and this is a fun one. check it out! (oh yes, and at the end of each page is a link to the next installment of the adventures of lovelace and babbage so keep scrolling)


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