staying at the migraine hotel

i went on a two day trip to england last week on the joyous occasion of an old friend’s wedding and… i brought back a bunch of new (to me) books.

there are two places you will likely find me if i say, in reading, “i am going shopping.” those are: the reading oxfam bookshop (i got the bloodaxe and the lewis book from there, GBP 2.99 each) and the waterstones in broadstreet – the inside of this building is amazingly beautiful. a kind of chapel.) chris j. wood took a great picture that gives you an inkling of what it’s like in there: (image used under creative commons, thanks!)

now, THAT’S what i call a proper bookstore!
you will be hearing more about the books as i go along… here are the mugshots:

elif shafak: the forty rules of love (novel)
– recommended by a friend
luke kennard: the migraine hotel (poetry)
jean sprakland: tilt (poetry)
katharine kilalea: one eye’d leigh (poetry)

jeni couzyn, ed: the bloodaxe book of contemporary 
women poets – eleven british writers
colin brake: dr.who decide your own destiny 
– the spaceship graveyard (just for fun)
gwyneth lewis: parables & faxes (poetry)  
(this one i couldn’t find the cover art for online…)

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