which witch? autumn reading list

hallowe’en is coming along again sometime soon, and even if you don’t celebrate it in any way, there is no getting past the changes in weather, light, and temperature. with all this rain and the storms and the cool air, books suddenly become more and more interesting companions… so here are some witchy-themed autumny books:

wise child, novel by monica furlong (ages 12 and up) (i read this when i was over 20 and still very much enjoyed it, so don’t let the age rating deter you.) this is set in the middle ages. wise child is abandoned by her mother and raised by juniper, a midwife, healer and – of course – witch.

wyrd sisters, by terry pratchett (this is a diskworld novel, but no worries, it is enjoyable even if this is your first contact with the disk world.) this is a facetious nod in the direction of the three witches in shakespeare’s macbeth, no less.
equal rites, also by terry pratchett (same comment as above) – can a girl be a wizard?

poems bewitched and haunted (ed. john hollander) – a nicely designed little book from the everyman’s series, it would also make a fun gift. poems are sorted by themes. there are many witches in this collection – scary ones, miserable ones, beautiful ones, and most of them, as befits the stereotype, are mad – happy hauntings!


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