reading future books :)

i haven’t posted in the past few weeks – but that’s not because i haven’t been reading.

in fact, i have read quite a bit, for example, most of michael chabon’s “reading and writing along the borderlands”, jane palmer’s “the planet dweller”, joanna russ’ “how to suppress women’s writing” and justin richards’ dr.who novel “the clockwise man”. and no worries, i will share more about those once i catch my breath.

i have also been reading two books that aren’t out yet. 🙂 and since they are not out yet, i won’t tell you much about them until they are. one of them is a collection of personal stories / essays by latter-day saints experiencing same-sex attraction, edited by a friend of mine, brent kerby.

the other is a new novel by g.g. vandagriff, which is set in florence, italy, and which i am proofreading right now. in fact, i am just taking a break after page 147.  ðŸ˜€

so… expect to hear more about these sometime not too far in the future!


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