fun finds, fun formats, and a rant on comics

i’ve been reading, but this post is not going to be about that just yet. i just wanted to share some things i happened upon in the past few days. each of them made me smile. even though i don’t currently own a record player… 🙂

three reasons why i hardly ever buy new comics:

  • the glossy paper shows every fingerprint
  • you usually have to buy several issues to get a whole story (the above issue is a complete story)
  • superheroes today aren’t actually heroes anymore – they are mopey, insecure, emotionally unstable, and in many other ways far too un-super. why can’t we have heroes who are just plain good anymore?

and finally, one more – this one more specifically about dr.who comics by IDW – the artwork. the artwork for the current dr.who comics is an eyesore. where’s the love, the detail, the shading? everything is too stylized. bleh.


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