Fun from the Funnies (Get Fuzzy, Pearls before Swine, and Other Comments on Literary Life)

Some of my favorite comic strips have occasionally touched on books, writing, and poetry, much to my delight. Here are some of the ones I’ve collected over time. Enjoy! And if you do, consider supporting Darby Conley (Get Fuzzy) and Stephan Pastis (Pearls before Swine) by investing in a book. 🙂

Pearls before Swine and Dylan Thomas

This refers to one of my favorite poems. It makes me happy to think Pastis likes Dylan Thomas.


… I’ve yet to be called “Vogon-bad.”


There much to be said for visceral poetry.

get-fuzzy revelation copy

…and I like green sleep.


This one’s from Toothpaste For Dinner:


Never underestimate the short kid.


The eternal struggle: Trying to balance form and content.


Taking poetry literally can be lots of fun. Sometimes.

get fuzzy-poemizing

Now I’m thinking about literary beverages.


…if it’s sharpie, it wasn’t Mary Ruefle. 🙂


… Indeed.


…Satchel takes his pastoral very seriously.


Rat’s definition of Poetry is… interesting.


I must be doing something wrong. Where’s my pretty?


This is actually happening. Before I arrived here in MS, I had never heard of “signage” or “wordage” but here you can observe these exotic, novel creatures in the wild! Bucky also touches on one of the most wonderful features of the English language: its immense flexibility.


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