Is Poetry a Mammal? Or Does it Lay Eggs?

…since Poetry Month is rapidly approaching, I thought some (admittedly tame) guerilla poetry action would be appropriate. I picked out some enjoyable poems (including short pieces by Plath, Dickinson, Sassoon, Hughes, and others) and printed and folded them. Then, last night, I hid them in about forty plastic eggs throughout the Liberal Arts Building. I had not thought about how to hide these colourful things until it was time to actually do it and I must admit, it was hard to find places for them that were not utterly obvious. šŸ™‚

Some of the eggs have since been found (and hatched), and one honest soul even tried to return one as lost property. Here’s one found in the English department:


photo by A.M.

…and apparently venturing into the history and philosophy departments was worth it: they called the English department to ask about the eggs they found. šŸ™‚ Spreading poetry one egg at a time.

With poetry month only a few days away, why not think of a way to disseminate poetry where you live, work, or play? Copy your favorite poem onto a postcard and send it to someone, or leave it somewhere in a public place. Tuck a poem into a library book, a bunch of bananas, or between tubs of butter at the store. And most of all, read poetry. šŸ™‚


photo by A.S.


Photo by D.G.


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