A Little Art Project: Bookseller Art

I’ve always had a soft spot for used book stores, and if I ever go missing I suggest that’s the first place to look, since I can spend hours at a time inspecting book shelves. The smell of old paper, the sight of spine upon spine upon spine – there’s something sensual, visceral about all this. It’s basically a spawning ground for creativity.

Unicorn, by Tacoma Bookcenter, Tacoma, WA, USA.

Unicorn, by Tacoma Bookcenter, Tacoma, WA, USA.

Buying books online is, sadly, a very impersonal experience, and it would be nice if it were less so. That’s the rationale behind the Bookseller Art Project: to give online book shopping a more personal note, to humanize this computer-to-computer interaction.

It’s very simple. When you place an order with a book seller, use that ‘special instructions’ or ‘comments’ box and politely ask for a drawing, a doodle, a sketch, anything simple you can think of. There really are people at the other end of that order form, and they can produce art. Check out the growing collection here:


And if you have any book seller art you’d like to add to it, just comment / contact me. Anything creative that happens on the invoice or packaging can be part of this project. If possible, also let me know the name of the book seller or the store, so we can give credit where credit is due.


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