A Reader’s Christmas Online


Yes, it’s that time of year again. Those songs that come out only once a year have been blaring from supermarket speakers for over a week now, and even the craft stores are doing unspeakable things to holiday tunes with flutes.

However, there are ways to restore that Christmas spirit, so don’t despair!

Visualize yourself in slippers, wrapped in an alpaca blanket, leaning into the back rest of a stuffy, friendly armchair by the fireplace, and read / listen to this … And feel free to add to the list of poems or audio/video: share links in the comments! 

A few poems for the season (Christmas / Winter / Chanukah):


Audio & video:

(Dylan Thomas reads ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’)

(Philip Gross reads a poem about carolers)

(O Henry: ‘Gift of the Magi’)

(Tim Burton’s poem ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’, read by Christopher Lee)

(Vincent Price in a 1949 short film adaptation of Dickens’ ‘Christmas Carol’)


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