Get Ready for National Poetry Month!

Well, it’s been a busy time over here — but I’ve finished my PhD, and now I’m ready for NaPoMo! The rather excellent New Welsh Review published two of my poems in their latest print issue (issue 107).

Online, there’ll be a new poem of mine on RomComPom‘s site: You can read that starting Friday March 27th. (Though you can stop by there any time, of course, and check out their romantic comedy poetry! I mean, you just can’t go wrong with romantic comedy poetry, can you?)

I’m still on the fence about whether or not to join the Poetry Marathon again this year — I’ve done it before, and completed it each time, which felt great, but it was also exhausting toward the end. 🙂 For those who aren’t in the know, for a poetry marathon you write a poem every day for the whole month of April (NaPoMo) and share it with your fellow “runners.” If you miss a day, you drop out (but you can still read everyone else’s poems of course). In all, it’s a lot of poetry, and at the end of the month you have a big pile of drafts you can play with for the next while. I’ve always found it to be very productive for me. That said, I’m a little exhausted right now. We’ll see. UPDATE: decided to skip the marathon this year. Doing something else instead. Read on!

Here’s a list of local NaPoMo events I’m aware of so far:

This is not exclusively a poetry event, but there will be poetry (by yours truly and others): Pecha Kucha Night at The Little Builiding, April 11th, 7pm (during Hattiesburg’s Spring Art Walk). UPDATE: the first hidden poems will be findable in downtown Hattiesburg that day! Look for colorful plastic eggs… If you find one, tweet your find and any comments using the hashtag #NaPoMoUSM

Stop by the Thirsty Hippo for a Literary Death Match on April 17th. It’ll be fun, I promise. Fictioneers Jennifer Brewington and Henry B. Shepard III will face off against each other, and in the poetry ring there will be a showdown between Allison Campbell and Hannah Dow.

unnamed By April 20th, my co-conspirators / hiding-artists and I will have hidden about 100 poems across campus in little plastic eggs for people to randomly come across. In the past, poems were mainly hidden in the Liberal Arts Building, but this year I thought we’d go bigger and reach out to the people who don’t already have contact with poetry on a regular basis. There will also be hidden poems in other locations across Hattiesburg.

On April 20th, the office of sustainability at USM is organizing an Earth Poetry reading at T-Bones. They already have a bunch of people lined up (including yours truly) and there will be an open mic section as well.

April 22nd is the final reading in this semester’s Visiting Writers’ Series, organized (as always) by the Center for Writers at USM: Catherine Pierce (author of The Girls of Peculiar) will read some of her work and answer questions. Liberal Arts Building, room 108, at 7:30pm. Entry, as always, is free. Get your poetry fix!

a poetry egg from 2013, the year I started hiding poems around USM

a poetry egg from 2013, the year I started hiding poems around USM


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