Life = Mixed Pickles & Liquorice Allsorts

Happy Poetry Month, again, fair reader. It’s been a busy month, and a real mixed bag — the end of the semester is drawing near (2 weeks!), and there have been lots of tasty bits: the pecha kucha night was good fun, I pulled off my NaPoMo poetry hiding stunt with the help of my trusty accomplices, and even got featured by Tattoosday for their Tattoed Poets Project, which is their way of honoring NaPoMo:¬†

At the same time, I’m reading (new book posts are in the works!), teaching, writing, trying to find a job, and tutoring (I’ll really miss the Writing Center!). I also had some good news about my manuscript — keep your fingers crossed for me! I shan’t spill the beans just yet, suffice to say there’s something happening.

Life is mixed pickles and liquorice allsorts, all in the same dish, and the trick is to either not mind the odd combo, or to pick out the bits on the top or the sides where the flavors aren’t blending yet.

Early this morning (17th April) my cousin died. He was in his early 30s. It’s a strange thought that this person, younger than me, is no longer on the planet. In the old picture below (not at all ¬†posed, as you can see), he’s the second from the front. This is what cousins look like in their natural habitat:


God speed.


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