In Utero: Tarpaulin Sky showcases The Knowledge Weapon

Here’s what I promised — Tarpaulin Sky showing my manuscript some love. A public display of affection, if you like.

In Utero: Tarpaulin Sky showcases The Knowledge Weapon.


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  1. Marshall, Christine

    hooray! those poems are so good, annette. i especially like rain dance – was it in the manuscript you showed me, or is it newer? i remember the other two, but not that one.

    so glad you were showcased — it is a great promotion for your work. though calling the promotions “in utero” weirds me out a little. why would they chose that term? it’s creepy, and plus it suggests the work isn’t fully finished.

    • …yeah i see what you mean. for me, when i hear the phrase ‘in utero’ the first thing that comes to mind is nirvana… i guess i’m a child of my times. 🙂 (the other stuff – amniotic sac, bundles of cells growing and specializing, and grainy ultrasounds — comes a close second, of course)

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