Weekend Coffee Share: She-Hulk Edition


If we were having coffee, I’d have asked you beforehand, on the phone (or via WhatsApp, more likely) if you had any salve or ointment you could bring. Funny story — I offered to help my bro-in-law with fixing up what needed fixing at the shop he’s going to open soon. I have some time on my hands, and I like doing hands-on stuff.

This morning I got a message saying if I felt like putting up some shelves, that’d be great. I like putting up shelves, actually, so I was kinda looking forward to that. However, when I got there, there was no shelf in sight, just a vast expanse (ok I exaggerate, the shop floor isn’t that vast) of dirty, old, blue carpet. That needed to go before the new (easier to care for & keep clean) floor could be put down, and then shelves could be put up.

So I ended up spending four and a half hours with an exacto-knife and a face mask, pulling up carpet. Which was kinda fun, except the carpet was glued down with a lot of gusto, like it was meant to be forever and ever and ever. I felt like the She-Hulk part of the time, putting my whole weight into pulling on strips of carpet. The tearing sound was rather satisfying, I must say. But it was much more work than necessary, had whoever installed the carpet used a little more brain. I swear, the carpet must have been drenched with glue. Who does such a thing?


Anyway. My hands blistered, then went raw, even with the work gloves. I figured of course we’d have all the first aid supplies at home that I could possibly need to clean and patch up that damage… well, turns out my mother decided to take all the ointments on vacation with her. Again, who does that?! Now, did I find some alcohol and a band-aid. Still, I mean, don’t even start thinking about all the stuff that was in that there carpet. Those clouds of dust we released were decades of shop-traffic, dead skin cells, dust mites, whatever people carry on the bottom of their shoes — yikes.

I’ll live. It was, actually, fun. I’d invite you, with a smile and an extra spoon of brown (fair trade) sugar in your tea, to join us tomorrow or next weekend. My brother in law plans on selling all sorts of craft beer, so needless to say, you will not be thirsty while you work. And who knows, there may finally be some shelves to put up…

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