12 Days of Lit Mag Giving

Over at Memorious, Sara’s compiled quite the list, so I’m reposting this for all of you who are still looking for that ‘just the ticket’ gift for the readers / writers in your life.



Over at the n+1 shop, there are about a dozen different holiday sets. If you’re looking for a bundle of literary advice, new feminist classics, or some basic self-help, n+1 has you covered.



HOOT is a monthly lit mag in the form of a postcard. For $15, you can gift twelve “cool-looking, literature-infused postcards.” Each issue “has a story or poem written by a contemporary author, with art just to match it.”



ZYZZYVA is celebrating its 30 year anniversary with deals on annual subscription rates. You can get four perfect-bound issues for $40.



Boulevard is also celebrating its 30 year anniversary. The magazine recently published an anthology of its best short stories, which is discounted when paired with a digital or print subscription.

Two Dollar Radio


Ok, so you won’t find lit mags here. Still, Two Dollar Radio is offering some great deals on books and…

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