Spring has Sprung

Annette C. Boehm

Vintage Easter Cards (6)

Happy spring, everyone! Look for new poems of mine in these handsome journals: Under the Radar, issue 16, February 2016 (available through Nine Arches Press) and Pittsburgh Poetry Review, issue 2.

The poem in Under the Radar is inspired by letters from readers, printed in a 19th century publication for girls, and this poem is from the upcoming book. Pittsburgh Poetry Review picked another poem from the book, about dinner party etiquette for the nuclear age, plus a poem from a new project I’m working on — a series of comic book themed poems.

The Knowledge Weapon is taking shape nicely, and I’m excited to get my hands on an actual, physical copy before too long. While the dates are not confirmed yet, there will be a launch event for The Knowledge Weapon and two poetry pamphlets at the end of July, in London, and I’m hoping…

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