My Poems

Some of my poems online:


from “the five parts of love”

You can order my second poetry collection, The Apidictor Tapes, through Small Press Distribution.

My chapbooks ED Liberations and the five parts of love: confabulating sappho are available from Dancing Girl Press.

My first book, The Knowledge Weapon, was originally available through Bare Fiction here. Sadly, Bare Fiction is no longer around. You can find used / new copies of the book through or contact me about buying a copy.

Here’s where / when  you can hear me read:

An interview over at Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog, where I talk about poetry, craft, and myself:

In the past, I’ve dabbled in fiction, albeit in German. If that does not deter you, check out the title story of Zehn Stunden Paul (Maxi LiteraturWettbewerb).



  1. Alex

    Annette! LOVE THIS. And you. Alex xxxx

  2. Eliora McCowan

    Annette you are amazing. Great job on your accomplishments!

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